• Spondylitis Symptoms

    Symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis :- following are the cervical spondylitis symptoms.
    • Neck pain & shoulder pain
    • Neck stiffness, particularly after a night's rest
    • pain in moving the neck
    • Radiating pain from neck to arms on both side or back of head.
    • Vertigo
    • Headache
    • Numbness and tingling sensation in the hands
    • Morning Vertigo
    • Weakness in hands
    • May feel irritable, fatigue, disturb sleep and
    • impair ability to work

    Symptoms of cervical Spondylosis:- following are the cervical spondylosis symptoms:
    • Pain felt locally in the affected area or at a distance away
    • Stiffness
    • weakness,
    • gait dysfunction, loss of balance,
    • Loss of bowel and/or bladder control.
    • The patient may experience a phenomenon of shocks (paresthesia) in hands and legs because of nerve
    • compression and lack of blood flow

    Most people with cervical spondylitis don’t have noticeable symptoms and if they experience neck pain or stiffness, the degree of discomfort varies from mild to severe. Hence, spondylitis symptoms is hard to diagnose, since it can either develop gradually or occur suddenly.

    Here are few symptoms of cervical spondylitis that one must have knowledge about.

    Painful Shoulder Blade
    This is the most common spondylitis symptoms that people complain of. They may also experience acute pain in the arms and between their fingers. Sneezing, coughing and tilting their necks backward can cause discomfort.

    Frequent Headaches
    Since it is a common occurrence and can happen to anyone, this spondylitis symptoms is also the most ignored. However, such headaches usually start at the back of the head and then slowly move towards the upper half of the head.

    Numbness in Legs
    Numbness, not only in tip of the fingers but also the legs, is a cervical spondylosis symptom of this medical condition. This may cause of loss of balance in movements and therefore, must not be taken lightly.

    Neck Stiffness
    This mostly happens after a long state of inactivity such as sleeping or sitting in one posture for a long time. Inability to move or tilt the neck and acute pain all over the back is a factor of major concern.

    Patients of spondylitis symptoms feel tired and are unable to work for long hours at a stretch. They may even experience sleepless nights or frequent discomfort during sleeping.

    Giddiness Vertigo.
    Although these spondylitis symptoms occur less frequently, their presence shows that the brain is affected. If ignored, the condition of the person can deteriorate severely, even resulting in blackouts.

    Poor Control Over Bladder Bowel Movements
    When the cervical cord is compressed, it affects the bladder and bowel movements of the person. The control becomes weak and, therefore, requires immediate medical assistance.

    A rare symptom, the person faces difficulties in swallowing. This happens when the bones are pressed hard against the esophagus. This is a very painful symptom.

    Due to the general nature of most symptoms associated with cervical spondylitis, people often ignore them, which often leads to excruciating pain and complications.
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    1. Multiple disc bulge and knee arthritis is a symptom for ankylosing spondylitis


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